Dry Foundation of Kansas City


4Foundation wall push backs                       4Mud Jacking

4Epoxy injection crack repair                4Interior & exterior crack repair

4Steel piers to bedrock                 4Sump pumps & interior lateral drains

4I-beam wall restraints          4Grading, swales and backfill around your foundation

4Dead man anchors     4Gutter covers & screens combined with downspout extensions

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4Solid gutter covers are the best and cheapest way to protect your foundation from excess moisture. Steep pitched roofs require a different solution since on a steep roof water can run over the gutter covers. Roof valleys need to be addressed differently since the volume of water running down a valley will run over the gutter covers.

4We often see decks built over an old patio. 9 times out of 10 that patio has settled sloping toward the house. Putting a deck over it doesn’t stop the water from running toward your home. When adding a deck over an old patio, always remove the patio, then backfill and compact the soil to prevent future basement water problems.

4Buried or surface black flexible downspout drains fail because roof debris (shingle sand, twigs and leaves) collect in the ridges and plug up the drains. Underground drains will always fail eventually also due to low spots or traps where debris collects. Connections are all loose and water runs out around them, and some people and contractors install perforated drains which will further exacerbate your roof water run off problems.

4Grade settlement occurs around your foundation throughout the life of your home, and it is critical the grade be maintained to insure proper drainage, even for portions where there is no basement or crawl space such as an attached garage.

4Trees near your foundation can disrupt the flow of water, and roots can undermine your foundation. During a drought, tree roots will draw water from under your foundation causing settlement. These often need to be removed to protect your foundation.

4Periods of drought can cause the soil to shrink (as when the ground cracks) which may lead to settlement. Cracks in the ground can be deluged by heavy rain. During periods of drought it may be necessary to add water around your foundation to prevent shrinkage. This can be done with a soaker hose, or even filling your sump pump pit with water to prevent subsidence.  In Kansas City foundation damage occurs more frequently as a result of excess water rather than drought, but here we are prone to both extremes.

Never, not once, never ever have we had a dissatisfied customer. They are our best referrals, and we will be happy to provide you with our last 5+ customers so you can call and find out for yourself.

I always recommend an independent structural engineers report for future reference, or to assist in selling your home. An independent structural engineer’s report will recommend repairs and maintenance, but does not have a vested interest to pump up the cost of repairs. You should do what is necessary to repair and maintain your foundation, and nothing more. An independent engineer can save you money in the cost of repairs and prevent future foundation damage.

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